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Saxophonist Autumn Dominguez has been illustrated by her mentors and peers as a, “passionate, humble, and captivating musician.”

Autumn Dominguez is a versatile saxophonist, vocalist, bandleader, and composer based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. Dominguez is originally from a small mountain town called Prescott, Arizona, where she was the fourth generation in her family to be born and raised. She eventually moved to Tucson, Arizona for college, and there she realized pursing music with every ounce of her being was the only path that made sense!


In Old Pueblo (Tucson), Dominguez began to play music professionally while still studying at University, and the more time she spent in the city, the more people and music she was able to experience. She formed a group, the Autumn Dominguez Quintet, and they performed all over the city - from opening up the Tucson Jazz Festival in 2019, to hosting live-stream concerts during the pandemic. Dominguez also created and hosted one of Arizona's most popular straight ahead #BAM jam sessions, "Strawberry Jam™" for nearly five years at a cafe/bar she worked at part-time. Musicians would drive two hours from Phoenix just to come sit in at the jam because the vibe was immaculate! After seeing the success of Strawberry Jam™, drummer Arthur Vint asked Autumn to be the first host of a weekly jam session at his new spot, The Century Room, a borderlands jazz club and mezcal lounge. Autumn hosted the Late Night Jam at the Century Room every Sunday until she moved to New Orleans, where she now works as a freelance performer. In the Crescent City, Dominguez has been given incredible opportunities; including being a member of Ashlin Parker's Trumpet Mafia™, and being a featured performer with the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra for their Women In Jazz tribute, to name a few.

Dominguez is also an educator and has been blessed with opportunities to share her passion in lots of different settings with students of all ages. She currently teaches at the Don "Moose" Jamison Heritage School of Music and has her own private studio.

Dominguez has many outstanding accomplishments, but her proudest so far pertain to her work as a recording artist. Her first album, "Sunflower Seeds," was self-produced and features her own eclectic original compositions and arrangements,. The first track on the record is a snippet of a voice memo interview with legendary saxophonist Lee Konitz that Dominguez recorded on Lee's Manhattan apartment couch when he was 91 years young. Dominguez's current project is an EP called "grief songs," which is comprised of three original indie pop/rock tunes that all have to do with the different hues of grief. The project features all New Orleans musicians and is set to be released in February 2024. The single off the EP, called "the girl with hearts in her eyes," is available now on all streaming platforms.❣️

In addition to Konitz, Dominguez has been able to play and study with a great deal of admirable musicians throughout the years; such as Joe Lovano, Terell Stafford, Brice Winston, Dick Oatts, Herlin Riley, Nicholas Payton, Jason Marsalis, Quiana Lynell, Ashlin Parker, Khari Allen Lee, Wess "Warmdaddy" Anderson, and others.

 “I am impressed by her work ethic, determination, and musical leadership.”

- Dr. Angelo Versace, UA Director of Jazz Studies 

 Dominguez earned a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Arizona in Saxophone Performance/Jazz Studies in May 2019. She studied classical saxophone under Dr. Edward Goodman and was mentored by notable artists such as saxophonist Brice Winston, pianist Dr. Angelo Versace, and trumpet player Jason Carder.


As her journey continues, it is evident Dominguez has a special kind of determination and devotion that will carry her wherever she aspires to go. 


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