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Saxophonist Autumn Dominguez has been illustrated by her mentors and peers as a, “passionate, humble, and captivating musician.”

Autumn Dominguez is a versatile saxophonist, singer, bandleader, and composer based out of New Orleans. Born and raised in Arizona, Dominguez has had a great deal of opportunity and experience; from starting and leading her own band to creating and hosting one of AZ's most popular straight ahead jazz jam sessions, "Strawberry Jam," for over four years. Dominguez is also an educator and has been blessed with opportunities to share her passion in many different settings with students of all ages. 

Dominguez's proudest accomplishment so far is the release of her first album, "Sunflower Seeds," which was self-produced and features her original compositions and arrangements. 

 “I am impressed by her work ethic, determination, and musical leadership.”

- Angelo Versace, jazz pianist and mentor

 Dominguez earned a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Arizona in Saxophone Performance/Jazz Studies in May 2019; where she was mentored by admirable artists such as tenor saxophonist Brice Winston, Dr. Edward Goodman, Dr. Angelo Versace, and world-renowned trumpet player Jason Carder. As her journey continues, it is evident Dominguez has the type of determination and devotion that will carry her wherever she aspires to go.


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