Saturdays, starting at 9:30pm

The Strawberry Jam Session is a weekly jazz jam session that Autumn started in Tucson, Arizona in September 2017. Strawberry started as a few friends playing music in the small speakeasy bar of Espresso Art Cafe, and as time progressed, the session slowly grew attention and is now one of the biggest and most favored jam sessions in Tucson. Autumn is the host of the session, and she hires a swingin' rhythm section each week to support the musicians sitting in. Autumn's intention when creating the Strawberry Jam was to create a high-energy environment where musicians feel welcome and accepted and are pushed to play at a higher level.


On a busy Saturday night, as many as 15-20 jazz musicians come to play at the session- some are Tucson locals, and others are visitors from nearby places in Arizona who have heard about the scene. We are always happy to see new faces!!

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